About Maxtron Show Lighting

Maxtron SL was founded in 2003 in Hong Kong by Karl Renoldi. Since then, Maxtron has built up a reputable name in the LED lighting industry and has become the leading provider of LED lighting for amusement facilities and more.

Maxtron show light systems are operated on 3 wire technology; this technology was designed to operate segments of light systems on 3 lead wires to saving installation work and material. Our systems are able to bridge long distances with only one signal wire. No shielded wires necessary. Maxtron Show Light system is designed to withstand physical impact (vibration), environmental impact (water, heat and cold, etc.). Our light systems are fully customizable and reprogrammable. Maxtron provides 2 year limited warranty on all parts. All future light and control fixtures are down-gradable to operate with existing systems. Maxtron offers the most complete Show Light system available, with direct and indirect lighting fixtures operating of the same signal.